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What are your goals?

Take the quiz & we'll prepare a customised meal plan for you!

Tell us about you!

We estimate passive energy and customise your meal plan by gender.

How active are you?

Rate your activity level excluding exercise. E.g. office workers are considered not active, while tradespeople are very active.

How many days does your plan need to go for?

All our plans are flexible, but 5 or 7 days is the key to achieving your goals.

Creating your plan

The Fam tell it like it is

"Eating what you love is freedom. Loving what you eat is happiness."

Personalised for you

We know you’re one of a kind – that’s what we like about you! That's also why we personalise your meal plan, so it’s 100% designed for your taste, goals, budget, and lifestyle.

Free your diet

Say see-ya later to crazy diet trends and hello to the freedom to make those gains, lose those kilos, and basically just live your best life. Total taste satisfaction, no cooking or calculating required! All you have to do is eat and be the #GoalDigger we know you are.

Tasty and healthy

Youfoodz meal plans offer the perfect balance of calories and macro- and micronutrients, with delish, chef-made meals and snacks delivered fresh to your door!

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