The 70/30
Weight loss

We’ve crunched the numbers and believe by eating clean, healthy meals for 70% of your week, you’ll drop whatever is weighing you down and become an all-round healthier, happier you!

How does 70/30 work?

70% clean, low-cal meals

70% clean, low-cal meals

30% freedom to eat 'relaxed'

30% freedom to eat 'relaxed'

100% healthier, happier you!

100% healthier, happier you!

Kickstart your weight-loss journey

Kickstart your weight-loss journey

78% of you* choose Youfoodz to lose or maintain weight, so we've created a plan that’s sustainable; one that doesn’t come with the restrictions and sacrifices of old-school or fad diets. This is weight loss – refreshed!

Start your 70/30 plan

* Survey of 4,500 YF customers Oct 20, 2018

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people, with real stories

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What is the Youfoodz 70/30?

This isn’t a fad… a diet… a challenge… a cleanse. This is for you – every you, every day.

We believe by dedicating 70% of your weekly diet to clean and healthy Youfoodz meals, you’ll be the best version of you.

How to shop


It's never been easier to buy online or pick up your Youfoodz 70/30 meals in store!

70/30 Meals: Less than 350 Calories

Less than 350 Calories
70/30 Meals

Classic Meals: Perfect for your 30%

Perfect for your 30%
Classic Meals

Enjoy life - every bite of it!

Enjoy life - every bite of it!

What's the deal with the 30%? That's all you baby. Drink the wine, eat the cake, grab another, because life is delicious & we want you to enjoy all of it!

It’s not about a ‘new’ you – it’s the same you, just healthier, happier, more balanced.

It all starts with YOU

It all starts with YOU

We want you to fall in love with taking care of yourself; celebrate your you-ness; sleep better; think clearer; feel stronger. You don’t need to tell anyone you’re on the YF7030 – they’ll see it.

We give you permission to start again – and again, and again. We’ll be here to remind you why you started.

The Movement is here

The Movement is here

Think of us as your personal cheerleader, as well as your chef!

Love yourself from the inside out. Join the #YF7030 life – it’s a movement just for you.

Hungry to know more?

Read 70/30 FAQs

Kick it old-school

Download a printable 70/30 planner to pop on
your fridge or take to the shops.

Download PDF Planner
70/30 blank pdf planner

Weight loss refreshed

"Failing to plan is planning to fail"

Lost 2.3 kilos


"Hubby and I managed to lose 2.4kg and 2.3kg respectively in 4 weeks, all while enjoying many silly season events! Thanks to the 70/30, we're not wasting food; we're eating vegetables every day; and I'm in control of the household chores because there's way less time spent in the kitchen!"

Lost 1% body fat


"Being a mother, I put the needs of everyone else before me - and that includes meals. I often find myself skipping breakfast or lunch, or eating something unhealthy on the fly. What I love about the Youfoodz 70/30 movement is that it isn't pressure-driven and I have the option to fill the '30' with foods I love!"


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